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The new Cut’n’Boss machine is now in stock and is the ONLY current electronic die-cutting and embossing machine of its type on the market.

It’s easy to use – Simply feed the ‘sandwich’ into the Cut’n’Boss and let the machine do the rest – no pressure on wrists.

It’s durable – The heavyweight, metal mechanism means a robust, durable machine that has been designed with safety in mind.

It’s versatile – Cuts through multiple layers of fabric in one pass. Paper/card, vellum, felt, fabric, balsa wood, leather, rubber, thin sheet metal, sheet magnet, chipboard, acetate and more can be cut/embossed with the Cut’n’Boss.

And best of all it’s compatible with most embossing folders and dies, up to A4 in size, can be used with the machine.

Hurry before they sell out!

cut n boss_500x375

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