Desperate Dan swaps his cow pie for delicious Cardwell pastry treat

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DESPERATE Dan has swapped his famous cow pie for some delicious pastry treats.

The cartoon cowboy moseyed on down Cardwell Garden Centre to try out a new range of appetising pies now being sold in their food section.

And he gave the thumbs up to the award-winning pies made with some amazing fillings by Jarvis Pickle Pies.

Dan tucked into pies with fillings like Moroccan lamb; beef and ale; chicken and ham; MacSween haggis as well as venison, port and redcurrant. He also tried out the vegetarian and vegan options of spinach, goat’s cheese and sweet potato along with cauliflower curry pies.

Jarvis Pickle Pies are made in the Scottish Borders and in the past two years the company has won 14 British Pie Awards. Their products are sold all over the UK, including the posh shopper’s food and drink emporium, Fortnum & Mason, of Picadilly, in London.

A well-loved Wild West character from the Dandy comic, Desperate Dan is described as the world’s strongest man and is able to lift a cow with one hand. It’s also said that the pillow of his reinforced bed is filled with stones and rubble and his beard is so tough, he has to use a blowtorch to shave.

Dan said: “When I heard about these new pies at the Cardwell I just had to try them for myself.

“They’re really tasty, jam-packed with fillings and certainly keeps my hunger at bay while I sort out the bad guys in Cactusville, Texas.”

Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “Our new range of Jarvis Pickle Pies are very popular with our customers and they’ve been snapping them up quicker than Desperate Dan can despatch a baddie to the jailhouse.

“The variety of fillings is attracting the customers to the shelves and there is so much meat and veg in the pie, they’re almost like a meal in itself.”

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