Don’t sledge your bets because the snow is coming!

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TELLY weatherman Sean Batty reckons there might be snow on the way.
But the forecast for wintry weather is snow going to bother youngster, Jessica Lyndon.
The three-year-old is well prepared for some fun in the snow after a visit to Cardwell Garden Centre, where she tried out the sledges that are expected to fly off the shelves.
According to bosses at the centre the first fall of heavy snow in the year sees everyone rushing out to Cardwell to buy a sledge, along with snow shovels, salt for pathways, scrapers, de-icing sprays and screen wash for their cars.
Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “As soon as there’s enough snow on the ground, everyone is desperate to have some fun and get out sledging.
“We expect our sales of sledges and the other products everyone needs in wintry weather to increase dramatically with the prospect of heavy snowfalls.
“And with kids desperate to get out in the snow for some fun right away, it’s better to have a new sledge handy.”
Read Sean’s forecast here .

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