Feed the burdz, say our McAvennie lookalikes!

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Cardwell Garden Centre has come up with its own version of the famous Frank McAvennie catchphrase – Where’s the burdz?
In a bid to encourage people to look after wild birds in their gardens during the winter, bosses at Cardwell Garden Centre, near Gourock have found a couple of Macca lookalikes among its staff and come up with the new catchphrase to tell customers – Feed the burdz!
Garden centre staff were inspired by comic actor, Jonathan Watson’s mimicking of the former Celtic, West Ham and Scotland striker, McAvennie in the BBC‘s Only An Excuse TV show.
They came up with their parody of the famous catchphrase to back the nature conservation charity, RSPB, who encourages people to provide food and shelter for birds, like robins, blackbirds and blue tits, during cold winter weather.
The centre has this year increased its stock of bird feeding tables, nest boxes and feeding stations along with a wide variety of seeds, nuts, meal worms and suet cakes.
Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “We always see an increase in people buying bird feeding tables and seeds at this time of year, as the number of birds coming to gardens looking for food will be increasing.
“Because of the cold weather, birds find it difficult to find food naturally, so they rely on people providing food for them in their gardens.
“We’d urge people to help the birds beat the cold and frosty weather by having a bird feeder in their garden and a good supply of seeds and other foods the birds need.”
Paul added: “We’ve all had a good laugh at Jonathan Watson’s impersonation of Frank McAvennie and his ‘where’s the burdz?’ catchphrase. We thought we’d do our own version to get the message across to our customers how they can play an important role in helping birds survive the harsh winter.”
Keith Morton, Senior Species Policy Officer, at the RSPB said: “As a nation of wildlife lovers, it’s incredible to see how much people love to see birds in their gardens all year round.
“Few things beat looking out of your kitchen window on a crisp winter morning to see a family of blue tits, or blackbirds nibbling away on their breakfast at the garden feeder.
“But the cold weather can mean a battle for survival for some garden birds, meaning the food, water and shelter we provide in our gardens can be really important.”

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