Our free pancakes offer is flippin’ great!

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YOU might think we’ve flipped with Pancake Day coming up, but we’re giving away FREE pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Anyone who has a Cardwell Rewards Card and buys a tea or coffee in our Patio Restaurant will get a free pancake on Tuesday, February 25.

Why don’t you apply for one of our free Rewards Cards and you’ll get exclusive deals and savings all year round? Apply for your Rewards Card from the home page on this website.

And to give you all a smile for Pancake Day here are Cardwell’s Top Ten Pancake Jokes  –

1. What do you call someone who steals all the pancakes – a crepetomaniac.

2. I tried making pancakes, but ended up with a plateful of flapjacks. Guess I must have used too much synonym.

3. I once heard a girl say she was scared of pancakes because they gave her the crepes.

4. Did you hear about the guy who didn’t like people seeing him eat pancakes? He always ate them syrupticiously.

5. Did you hear about the angry pancake? He just flipped.

6. How do you make pancakes smile? Just butter them up.

7. Why did the wee boy run away halfway through making pancakes? The recipe said crack two eggs into a bowl and then beat it.

8. I can’t believe it’s Pancake Day again – it just seems to have creped up on me.

9. Why did the pancakes get arrested? They committed a series of unwaffle actions.

10. Two pancakes – one was a chef and the other a poet – were getting hitched and in their wedding vows they said they wanted to marry each other for batter or verse.

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