Wild Bird Care

We pride ourselves on being the biggest stockist of Wild Bird Care products for miles around and always have a huge choice of bird care products in-store.

We have lots of different types of feed to attract different species of wild birds to your garden, bird feeders, bird baths, bird tables and dining stations in-store. We even have a selection of squirrel proof bird feeders that ensure that squirrels don’t have a feast at your expense!

Our Wild Bird Care section is very popular with customers returning time after time to purchase items that will attract wild birds to your garden. There’s always special offers available that will save you money so pop in today and see for yourself.

Cat Care

We have everything that you could possibly need for your Feline friend at our fully stocked Pet Shop.

There’s a wide range of everyday essentials in-store for Cat owners including beds including igloo and donut designs, wet and dry food, litter trays, collars as well as toys that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours and hours. We also have lots of treats including Catnip items for an extra special treat!

Dog Care

It is often said that a Dog is a man or woman’s best friend and we have lots of great items to pamper your pooch in-store.

We have lots of great treats and snacks from trusted brands that you will recognise as well as a wide range of wet and dry dog food in-store. We also have essential items for dog owners including dog collars and leads, food, beds, toys and dog coats that will keep them nice and cosy when out for a walk. There’s also a huge selection of toys to keep their minds occupied. No matter what size or breed of dog you have you’ll find something suitable at Cardwell for your dog.

Small Animals

More and more people are choosing to keep small animals such as Hamsters, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs as pets and we have all the essential everyday items at our Pet Store at Cardwell.

We have a wide selection of items including fresh hay and straw, food, toys and nibbles to keep you small animals occupied for hours an hours. Why not take a pop in and see for yourself?

If there’s something specific that you are looking but we do not have it in stock our friendly staff can discuss your requirements with you and order any items that you may need.

Fish Keeping and Care

It’s not just items for animal lovers we have in-store at our Pet Shop as we have a selection of items for fish keepers too. Whether you keep fish at home or have a pond in your garden you’ll feel right at home at Cardwell.

For those of you that keep aquariums at home we have plastic fish tanks, gravel, fish food for both tropical fish and goldfish as well as a selection of ornaments that will look great in your tank.

If you keep a pond in your garden we have pond liner, pumps, pre formed plastic ponds as well as a selection of water plants, gravel and decorative stones that will turn your garden pond into an amazing garden feature.

Bulk Items for horses or poultry


Do you own a horse or keep poultry? We can order any bulk items direct to our Pet Shop and you will then be able to pick them up at a time that suits you.

We are able to order large bale shavings, square bale hay and straw and pre-order horse food for you that will be delivered direct to the garden centre.

If you keep poultry we have layers mash, layers pellets and corn and can also order any other items that you require. Ask any member of staff for further details.