Plant listener Julie reveals her unusual gardening secrets at book signing

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GARDENING enthusiasts were desperate to know what author Julie Kilpatrick meant when she advised them to massage their plants and flowers when she visited Cardwell Garden Centre to sign copies of her new book.

Julie was at the centre, near Gourock at the weekend to explain the extraordinary gardening advice in her book, The Plant Listener.

And she bumped into Cardwell’s very own gardening guru, George Irvine who was very interested in what Julie had to say.

Julie is a horticultural lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College and says that gardeners should also to listen and talk to their plants.

Signed copies of the book – an entertaining and easy-to-understand explanation of plants, their evolution, growth cycle and how gardeners can get the best out of their flowers and plants – are now on sale at Cardwell Garden Centre.

Cardwell Garden Centre’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “A lot of people came along to speak to Julie, buy a copy of her book and hear first hand what she meant by gardening massaging, listening and talking to their plants and flowers.”

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