Quacking tale as Cardwell’s Donald Duck moves in!

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VISITORS to Cardwell Garden Centre have been mystified by the sight of a duck that’s been seen wandering around the pathways between the flowers, plants and shrubs.
Staff at the centre, near Gourock were constantly being approached by people alerting them to the unusual visitor they’d seen waddling around.
And after a bit of de-duck-tion on the part of bosses at the garden centre, it’s been discovered that the duck has come from the nearby Underheugh Ark Animal Rescue Centre.
After it was revealed that the duck was actually a male drake, staff have named him Donald, after the famous cartoon character.
Donald Duck arrived at Underheugh Rescue Centre along with two other female ducks after a farmer, from Largs had to retire and find a home for his animals and birds.
But Donald appeared to want to get away from the girl ducks and headed down the hill to the garden centre.
Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “We think our Donald was looking for food during the snow a few weeks back and was attracted by the poultry corn that’s scattered around our aviary, which is part of Cardwell’s Pet’s Corner.
‘Some of our staff have been making sure there’s plenty food left out for him and we’ve even provided him with a new home in the form of a wooden poultry house we had.”
Paul continued: “Donald’s not just any old duck you’d find in a river or pond as we’ve been told he’s a Muscovy duck and they’re a breed that are a bit bigger and colourful,
“He’s become something of a celebrity among our visitors and they’re always telling staff they’ve seen a duck wandering around the garden centre.
“We think he certainly fits the bill for keeping everyone amused.”

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