Visiting Cardwell can be good for your health!

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Paying a visit to Cardwell Garden Centre can be good for your health.

The centre’s Patio Restaurant has been presented with an NHS Scotland healthyliving award for the good quality and healthy food being served to customers.

The awards are made to restaurants and catering establishments who meet the healthyliving award’s national standards of good practice, making it easier for customers to eat healthily.

Being presented with an award means the Patio Restaurant has made its food healthier by keeping fat, oil, sugar and salt in its food to a minimum; making fruit and vegetables clearly available and providing healthy and nutritious food for children.

An awards spokesperson said: “It has long been recognised that caterers can play an important role in influencing what their customers eat, and it is important to recognise and reward those who are making it easier for their customers to eat more healthily.

“The award criteria are based on the general principles of a healthy balanced diet and have been developed to be in keeping with Scottish dietary targets.”

Patio Restaurant manager, Bernadette Sime said: “Like most other people we appreciate the benefits of healthy eating and we want to make sure our customers have the widest possible choices of food that is good for them.

“Receiving this healthyliving award shows that we are doing a good job in providing healthy food options for our customers.’

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