Water With Care

 In George Irvine

When potting up young plug plants into cell trays or small pots ,watering will be essential to keep these plants – and indeed, any young seedlings growing strong over the next few months.

While water is vital for growth, too much water will be detrimental to the plants. It is important not to over-water them as this can cause the roots to rot. Just keep the compost moist – not soaking wet.

When you water young seedlings it is best not to use the garden hose. The high pressure of a hose pipe may be damage tender and fragile young plants. Additionally, the mains water will be quite cold at this time of year, and the sudden cold shower is sure to shock the tender young seedlings. The best approach to watering is to use a watering can with a very fine rose on the end of it. Also keep the watering can – filled with water- in the greenhouse so that the temperature of the water will match that of the plants.

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