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Cardwell’s Survival Guide to Beat the Boredom – Part 1

Gardening leave is a breath of fresh air

WITH most of us being asked to stay at home during the current coronavirus pandemic, a good way of keeping active and getting some fresh air is doing your garden.

Government advice has been that the garden is part of your home and it’s OK to potter around there as long as you are able to keep a safe two-metre distance from your neighbours.

If you’re a keen gardener you’ll probably already know what you should be doing at this time of year. But if you’re not a regular with the compost, spade and garden fork, our gardening expert, George Irvine has some handy hints for you. Here’s what he advises:

“Begin by taking a good look round the garden. Check any large plants that need to be staked and if they are falling over a bit due to recent high winds, then tie them up again.

“Have a look at your paths and patios and if they are quite green-looking with moss, lichen and algae, it’s time to give them a good clean. If you don’t have a pressure washer, or any proprietary patio cleaner, then use thick household bleach.

“Apply this over the paving and then leave it for 20 minutes or so before giving the paths and patio a clean with a stiff brush. Finish by hosing down the area with water and then leave to dry.

“And be sure not to get any drops of the bleach on your clothes or your skin.

“Also, give your garden furniture like chairs and tables a good scrub with warm water and soap and allow to dry.

“Now so that you can enjoy sitting out in comfort to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on a nice clean patio.

“Keep an eye on the weather forecast as we can get frost during the night – temperatures below four degrees Celsius is frost. Cover any young plants, even in an unheated greenhouse- with gardening fleece, old net curtains, or newspaper and remove them later in the day.”

Look out for Part 2 next weekend.

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