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Cardwell’s Survival Guide to Beat the Lockdown Boredom – Part 2

Time to wage war on the weeds!

That’s us at the end of a second week of lockdown and we hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Now, a good way of keeping active and getting some fresh air is doing your garden, so here’s some handy hints from our gardening expert, George Irvine. Here’s what he advises:

To many people weeding is the most tedious task that we have to do in the garden and it usually is something that we have to contend with throughout the entire growing season. However, all the weeding work is worthwhile when you see your garden all spic-and-span and free of those pesky weeds.

At this time of year, given that we have increasing hours of daylight and temperatures are gradually starting to rise, we will see the weeds beginning to appear.

However, we should not ignore them otherwise our gardens will quickly be overrun with weeds.

There are basically two types of weed. The annual weeds and the perennial weeds and both of these should be tackled now.

The annual weeds complete at least one life cycle and will also produce seeds at least once during the growing season, so we need to deal with these before they get the chance to produce seeds.

The best way to deal with these is to use a garden hoe and it is best to try and do this on a dry day. Make sure that the blade of the hoe is clean and sharp, so sharpen it regularly.

The perennial weeds survive over the winter by means of underground stems or roots, which act as storage organs.

Rather than just pull them out it is best to dig out the underground roots, otherwise the weed will appear again a month or so later.

Perennial weeds, such as Dandelions and Docks to name just a few are best removed by a hand fork, or even a strong screwdriver making sure that you remove the entire root.

Weeds that are growing along paths or among cracks on driveways can be killed off by your mother’s old tip of saving the boiled water from potatoes and poring this over the weeds. It does work, believe me!

Keep on top of the weeds throughout the growing season by repeating these steps mentioned here.

Government advice has been that the garden is part of your home and it’s OK to potter around there as long as you are able to keep a safe two-metre distance from your neighbours. So, happy gardening, folks!

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