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Dig in and keep your New Year garden resolutions

Cardwell’s New Year resolutions for successful gardening.

New Year is the time for resolutions and here are some that you’ll reap the benefits from all year round.

Our horticultural experts at Cardwell have put their socially-distanced heads together and come up with six Gardening New Year Resolutions for you that are relatively easy to follow.

Here they are –

  1. Grow your own vegetables, salads and herbs.

Growing your own vegetables, salads and herbs is particularly satisfying and not only can it save money, but home-grown veg always tastes better. As Cardwell director, Kieran Gallagher says: “My mother grows her own yellow tomatoes and they are so delicious it’s like eating sweets!”











2. Plant flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other harmless wildlife to your garden.

Bees are important to nature as they pollinate flowers, fruit and vegetables as well as arable food crops. Yet many species of bee are now declining following the combination of habitat loss, use of pesticides and climate change.

So you would be giving nature a helping hand by planting flowers and summer bedding plants to keep the bees busy. You could also plant Buddleja – better known as the Butterfly Bush – as it attracts butterflies. Just think about sitting in your garden on a warm summer’s day, watching butterflies flit by. Now that is something to look forward to.








3. Start composting garden and kitchen waste.

Making compost from your kitchen waste is a great idea that not only recycles unused raw vegetables and peelings, along with trimmings from your garden instead of them going to landfill and helps your garden grow.

You can buy a compost bin, or simply start a compost heap in a corner of your garden. If you can get your hands on three unused pallets to make two sides and a back, this keeps your heap nice and tidy. Remember to get the garden fork out every so often and turn the compost heap over to let air in and you can by an additive like Garotta Compost Maker to speed up the composting process.







  1. Look into planting flowers and plants that are native to Scotland.

Just to add a new theme in your garden, how about planting flowers and plants that are native to Scotland. You could turn part of your garden into a little bit of Caledonia with species of the wild thistle, heathers, Bluebells and Foxgloves.

And to make the scene complete, you could sit in your harden having a cup of tea and some shortbread while you enjoy your Scots garden!








  1. Collect rainwater from gutters/downpipes for watering plants.

A way of doing your bit for the environment is to collect rainwater from your gutters and downpipes that can be used to water your garden and houseplants. You can buy a water butt and a kit that connects to your downpipe from the gutters.

It’s better for your indoor and outdoor plants to use natural rainwater rather than tap water.











  1. Join a gardening club to improve and share your knowledge.

Our final garden resolution would be to get better at gardening and an easy way to do that is by joining a gardening club where you can learn from more experienced gardeners and pass on the knowledge you have gained from over the years.

There’s an excellent group run by George Irvine that meets at Cardwell Garden Centre, called the Gourock Horticultural Society Gardening Club. Once we’re allowed to meet up with one another again it would be well worth coming along.

So there’s your six gardening New Year resolutions – hope you can stick with them!


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