Cardwell Garden Centre. Lunderston Bay, By Gourock, Inverclyde. PA19 1BB

Cardwell agrees to distribute vital Covid test kits to customers

Cardwell Garden Centre now stocks LFTs for community use.

Cardwell Garden Centre is boxing clever as they do their bit in the battle against Covid.

Visitors to the popular centre, near Gourock can now pick up a box of lateral flow tests after bosses contacted the Scottish Government and offered to stock the self-testing kits and distribute them to customers.

They were put in touch with Inverclyde Council who immediately delivered a supply of the Covid tests to the centre.

Each customer can take away one box containing seven lateral flow tests that the Government is urging people to take to make sure they don’t have Covid before they go anywhere to meet other people.

Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael explains: “One of our directors contacted the Scottish Government and offered to stock the testing kits and give a box to any customer who asks for one.

“The boxes are distributed by staff at our tills on the way out of the centre and quite a few have already been given to customers.

“The Government have been stressing that self-testing is one of the key ways we can fight Covid and halt the Omicron variant, which we now know is very contagious.

“We all need to do our bit in the fight against Covid and this is one way we thought would help get the tests into the hands of the public.”

Paul added: “Some people are still wary about going to crowded places like busy shops and supermarkets, but with the spacious layout of Cardwell, much of the centre in the open air and the precautions we have in place, people feel safe coming to Cardwell.

“Like many pharmacies, we are limiting distribution to one box per customer, to make sure there are enough testing kits to go round.”

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